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According to multiple online sources, only 10% of websites rank for organic traffic. That means 90% are not optimizing their content, which makes SEO integration an essential aspect of digital marketing. One of our customer-focus services is search engine optimization (SEO). If you wonder why you are not making sales and getting the traffic to your business, you might have been doing your SEO wrongly and need to revamp your SEO service.

Helping our clients to optimize their website to generate organic traffic has been the core of our SEO Services since 2015.

With Google’s ever-changing algorithm and updates, we have mastered the art of generating the desired result for our clients.

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Our SEO services are geared towards the following:

  • Organic Results: If you have ever searched anything through a search engine, you will have noticed some top results that the makeup of SERP is Ads, Organic results are natural and not engine with paid ads.
  • Quality Traffic: If you get traffic to your website, but your visitors are interested in something else than what you offer, the traffic is useless.
  • Quantity Traffic: The more your ideal customer clicks you get through SERP, the better the traffic.

We ensure to incorporate these three critical factors in every project at our disposal. Our team specialist majorly SEO experts have garnered vast years of experience, and no doubt, have proven track records.

Experience and expertise are two essential factors that should not be substituted for anything. They will provide a custom effective strategy, actionable tactical plans, walk you with our services to the successful completion of the project, and work hand-in-hand with you to ensure it meets your custom demands.

Our SEO service is always customized to coordinate the requirements of our customers. What’s more, our prices are customer-friendly.
Here are some of our area of specialization:


  • SEO Consulting Services

We designed our service program depending on our client’s necessities, in-house capacities, and goals. Design Kreatives consulting services are aimed at companies that need outside expertise and would appreciate working with the know-how, tips, and guidance that will be provided.

This is especially useful for companies that want to improve their organic result on the long-term plan.

  • Full SEO Site Audit

We provide an in-depth site audit that includes a thorough examination, evaluation, and comprehensive report of what has been a stumbling block to your website, ranking, visibility, and traffic. As an SEO Company, we are positioned to provide an unmatched service in the SEO industry to our clients.

We ask our audit experts to do a sincere review, examination, and checkers on your website for weeks. We give a report of things we found to be wrong and need fixing on your website. After our report, we collaborate with your teams on how to fix the problems. We then help monitor the entire implementation process and offer guidance along the way.

  • Personalized SEO Services

As an SEO company since 2015, we provide scopes of SEO needs for our clients that help to address many of their business needs. Some of our clients may need us to help them with usability and visibility. Or, you may require that our SEO experts help with quality traffic, regardless of what your needs are, and the size of your company, we offer customized services that enable you to grow.

Our SEO Work Process

A glimpse at our work process and what will do—that has driven quantity, quality leads, and millions of dollars in sales for our clients. Find out how our team of SEO experts will increase your online visibility, bring more quality leads, and increase your ROI.

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In-depth Research

Our team of consultants won’t start your company’s SEO campaign until in-depth research is carried out. We start by doing a deep plunge into your company, your business website, everything about your competitors, and the entire industry. With our investigative caps on,  we do our data analysis, and we develop a strategic plan for your website.

Full Optimization

To help Google understand your website, and what it represents,  it needs to be Google friendly. Starting from your website UI, UX, and AI, our team of dedicated SEO experts makes minor and significant changes to enhance the user experience, increase your site speed, and improve functionality.

Content Creation

Businesses are moving online, and the primary medium of communication with your potential customers is content. You must get your content right because if you don’t, no one will understand the value you are offering, let alone request for your service. At Design Kreatives, we help create valuable content that resonates with your target audiences and SEO optimized to help you rank with Google.


Keyword Research

The core of our SEO service is Keyword research. Be it long tail or short tail keywords, Competitor keywords analysis, and website ranking, our dedicated SEO company will provide your website the needed service to get new leads and more ROI. We leverage our skills and expertise in keyword research using sophisticated SEO tools.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks help you build credibility and position you at the front of your audiences. Also, backlinking has proven to be one of the best SEO practices. Our team of committed SEO experts will help build our backlinks with credible, high-quality, and high Domain Authority websites.


SEO optimization is more than getting quality and quantity traffic; it is just the basics. Design Kreatives collaborates with you to ensure that your funnel works appropriately. We test your website conversion rate, work on continually improving your CTA, and your SEO strategy.

Why Work with Us?

Committed SEO experts

With our team of SEO experts, we aim to make the technical, complex SEO tasks hassle-free. We ensure that we develop a proper and effective communication channel between our team and your team.

Client-friendly Environment

At Design Kreatives, we look forward to working with you as a retainer and not just once. Hence, we must ensure that we create a customer focus and friendly environment for our clients.


Unlike other SEO companies, we make our process transparent as much as possible and ensure that you are privy to our entire process.

Need an innovative solution to your SEO concerns? Book a session with us today to tap from our Kreativity!